quick quote

Introducing Quick Quotes: a new easy way to recieve a quote quickly and effectively. At Peregrine Painting we understand getting a quote can feel like a hassle. Looking up painting companies, calling and emailing the companies of your choice, waiting for replies, booking an appointment, having a stranger walk through your house etc. It all takes time that some people just feel like they don't have. It can also feel frustrating and intrusive. That's why we have come up with "Quick Quotes". Now if you're reading this you've already come this far so the question is what next? Well it's quite simple. Send us an email with a detailed description of your project(photos are encouraged) and we will give you a quick quote based on the information provided! For instance, lets say you email us and say "I would like a 10x12x8(foot walls) bedroom painted, walls plus 2 doors/frames and baseboards". That is more than enough information for us to provide you a competitive quote at a fair price. So start now and get a quote without taking too much time out of your day. Look forward to hearing from you soon!