Are you looking to have your ceiling painted? At Peregrine Painting, we are a team of professional painters in Toronto, specializing in ceiling painting, textured ceilings, and stucco ceilings.

Ceiling painting is no easy task, and requires the right skills, materials, and protective equipment. At Peregrine Painting, we will paint your ceiling the colour of your choice and ensure there are no inconsistencies, blotches or markings on the ceiling. We work to make sure all our painting solutions are consistent and of the highest quality results. As well, we always protect your floors and furniture from damage during the painting process. Our team will safely move your furniture and apply drop sheets throughout all painted rooms to ensure that no paint or debris damages or stains the floor below. Once painting has been completed, we remove all garbage from the room, do a thorough clean, and put all your furniture back into place.

Choose Peregrine Painting for your ceiling painting and crown molding installation painting today. We serve the city of Toronto and all areas of the GTA. Call us today at 647-308-9096, or click below for your free quote!