Depending on the age of your home, you may have plaster walls and ceilings, or you may have a modern drywall construction. Regardless, this type of repair work is no easy task and should be left to the professionals. At Peregrine Painting, we aren’t just professional Toronto painters, we are also a highly skilled plaster and drywall repair service.

Plaster Repair

If your home is older and hasn’t been renovated over the last 30 years, chances are your house interior is constructed entirely of a plaster finish. This type of interior takes a high level of skill to repair, and is a project you want to leave up to the pros. In order to properly repair any plaster damage you may have in your home, whether it be on walls or the ceiling, our team must analyze your individual situation.  Small patch jobs can be accomplished using a veneer plaster to cover up small cracks in the surface. Larger jobs will require a plaster base coat over the wood lath beneath, and sealed with a liquid bonding agent before applying a veneer coat.

Each plaster repair situation differs, and techniques vary accordingly. Regardless, we ensure the highest quality of workmanship, beautiful results, and long lasting solutions for all the work we do!

*All plaster repairs come at a minimum cost of $500. Peregrine Painting does not do large scale plaster repair work or any repair work that doesn’t include painting.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair is a slightly less complicated process compared to plaster repair, but it too is best left to the pros. Regardless of the size of repair, our team provides seamless integration of new and old drywall, leaving the wall smooth and ready for painting. We always use high quality drywall, tape and putty, in all of our drywall repair work and ensure that the drywall solution is firmly planted into the existing structure – this means your drywall will not crack or bend over time. In many cases, home owners and businesses decide to follow a DIY solution for drywall repair. We highly suggest you leave this work for the pros to obtain optimal results!

Ready to have those holes in your ceiling or walls repaired? Call us today at 647-308-9096, or click the button below to contact us for a free quote! Plaster repair and drywall repair is our specialty!