Are you looking to add some sophistication and charm to your home or office through a custom painted door? At Peregrine Painting, we’re a team of professional door painters who specialize in exterior household and commercial painting applications. One specific area of expertise is front door painting, and exterior door painting.

Our door painting process is thorough, and our results are top notch. First, we prepare your front door for painting. We sand the door down and remove existing paint to make sure that the paint bonds properly with your exterior door. We will also use putty and other materials to reinforce areas of concern, and reshape it to its original form.

We then paint your door using high quality paint products, making sure that the colour depth and intensity is exactly as you desire. We apply as many coats as necessary to achieve optimal strength, shine and overall appearance.

Finally, we inspect all work and make sure that the finished product is exactly as pictured. We always make sure that our painting is of the highest quality, and best possible appearance.

Regardless if you need your front door painted, or any other external door on your home or commercial building, we provide external door painting services, producing beautiful, durable and long lasting results!

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