Whether you’re looking to seal and protect an unpainted garage floor, or looking to repaint a worn out garage floor, Peregrine Painting has you covered.

As a well-established Toronto painting company, we provide garage floor painting services for garages of all shapes and sizes. We can paint your garage a solid colour, add unique patterns, or even apply anti slip paints. The customization options are endless, and the results are always of the highest quality.

Our team will clean and prepare your garage floor for painting, and remove all dirt, grime and debris allowing the surface to be properly ready for painting. We provide high quality paint options in various colours and styles, and are highly flexible with custom paint solutions from providers of your choosing. During your garage floor painting, we make sure to remove all items from the garage and have them safely stored and covered out of the way. As well, we always make sure that a sufficient amount of paint is applied to garage floors, we with no bubbling or inconsistencies. Overall, Peregrine Painting provides the most practical and attractive garage floor painting solutions available.

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