At Peregrine Painting we are more than just a professional painting service, we are also a highly skilled pressure washing company. 

As well, we have various high powered pressure washers on hand that allow us to clean all types of exteriors including wood, aluminum siding, brick, steel, and more. For all those unique and hard to get to spaces, we have an inventory of various hose lengths, nozzles and adapters that allow us to provide thorough and precise cleaning solutions that offer excellent results, damage free!

Why Choose our Pressure Washing Services?

When you choose Peregrine Painting for our professional pressure washing services, you’re provided with competitive pricing along with timely and thorough cleaning services. No matter the size of your building, big or small, we’re always up to the task.

We provide our pressure washing solutions for home owners and business owners looking to prep their building for painting, while also providing pressure washing services for individuals looking to have their building washed and removed of all dirt, dust, debris and cobwebs — returning exterior surfaces to their original shine.

Ready to get your exterior pressure washing project underway? Call us today at 647-308-9096, or click the button below to contact us for a free quote!