Additionally, sometimes the colours you chose for walls and trim years ago were great, but today are out of date. At Peregrine Painting, we are a team of professional painters based out of Toronto who provide wall painting services and trim painting services to customers across the Greater Toronto Area. 

If you require touchup work on your walls or trim, or want to repaint them to different colours entirely – we have you covered. When you choose us to provide you with residential or commercial wall painting or trim painting services, we make sure that all your unique needs are met. First, we come to you and assess your painting requirements. We advise of any repairs necessary before painting, and provide various colour samples and paint options for you to choose from. Once we begin painting, we make sure to have the entire area clear of all furniture and belongings to ensure no paint is transferred to anything other than the wall or trim itself. As well, we always use drop sheets to cover up your flooring or carpeting, providing optimal protection from unintentional spills.

Most importantly

We make sure that our wall painting and trim painting application is consistent, streak-free, blotch-free and as light or dark as you desire. Our number one goal is to provide you with the results you’ve been dreaming of!

Our team will always leave your home with no debris, dust or garbage left behind. We remove all of our materials, and move your furniture and belongings back to their original place!

Ready to get your interior wall painting or trim painting project underway? Call us today at 647-308-9096, or click the button below to contact us for a free quote!