Staircase painting, along with railing painting are tasks that should be left to the professionals.

Our team at Peregrine Painting are highly skilled painters who know the ins and outs of the craft, and have many years of experience handling some of the most complex painting situations. When it comes to staircase painting and railing painting, we provide beautiful, long lasting paint applications that will have your home looking better than brand new!

First, we prepare the staircase, railing, and pickets for painting. We sand down all surfaces, and strip off all existing paint or stains so that fresh paint can bond directly to the wood. Then, we use high quality paint products in the colour of your choice, covering the steps, railing, pickets and all with just the right amount of paint. We make sure to apply a consistent coat, with no streaks, dark spots or light spots. Overall, we make sure that the finished product looks great and ensure they’ll provide long lasting shine and strength.

At Peregrine Painting, we’re happy to tackle the most unique and abstract staircase painting and railing painting demands. If repainting your staircase and surrounding features has been on your mind, wait no further! Call us today at 647-308-9096, or click the button below to contact us for a free quote!